Robert Gaskin


Originally a three masted wooden barque, she was launched at Kingston, Ontario on April 21, 1863 as a 132.6 ft. x 26.3 ft. x 11.3 ft. with a cargo capacity of 20,000 bushels. In 1889, the Gaskin was being used as a salvage barge to help salvage the railroad ferry Armstrong that had sunk. During this process, the Gaskin had been sunk three times, with the third time being the final time. A large anchor is located off the bow towards shore about 40 ft. from the Gaskin and adds to the site.

Almost a must for visiting divers, the Roberg Gaskin sits a half mile downstream from the Brockville waterfront and river focal point, Blockhouse Island and lies perpendicular to the current at a 55 ft. depth at the bow and 70 ft. at the stern which sticks out towards the channel and shipping lane.

LOCATION: Brockville
DESCRIPTION: Barque – 3 Masted, Wood
ACCESS: Boat / Shore (2 Tanks from shore)
DIMENSIONS: 132 x 26 x 11
MIN. / MAX. DEPTH: 55-70 ft.
BUILT/LAUNCHED: April 21, 1863
LEVEL: Intermediate
WRECKED: September 18, 1889
HAZARDS: Silt Bottom
RECOMMENDATIONS: Dive Light/lamp Good Finning Techniques
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