Lillie Parsons


A 2 masted “Fore and Aft” rigged centerboard schooner built in Tonawanda N.Y. in 1868, she was sailing with 500 tons of coal destined for Brockville when on August 5, 1877, a sudden squall shifted her cargo and pinned her against an island, capsizing and sinking her. The large rudder sits proudly upstream with a broad square stern resting on the rock ledges that support her. The masts jut from beneath her and run out into the channel, while a visit to the vessels bottom shows the drop center board secured in the casing mid-ship. Accessing the site from the corner of Sparrow Island at the anchor on shore, one can follow the chain to the bow or swim into the current and down the island contour to follow the island profile upstream to the rudder. The wreck was found on August 6, 1963 by 6 divers.

With enough competence, training and equipment, you can enter the wreck through the stern. A lamp is absolutely necessary for those who wish to enter the wreck. The current is usually pretty strong on the Lillie Parson, especially the first thirty feet.

LOCATION: Sparrow Island / Brockville
DIMENSIONS: 131 x 26 ft.
MIN. / MAX. DEPTH: 40-80 ft.
BUILT/LAUNCHED: September 5, 1868
LEVEL: Advanced
WRECKED: August 5, 1877
HAZARDS: Depth/Current
CAUSE: Hit a Shoal
RECOMMENDATIONS: Planning for Depth Dive Light/Lamp
POSITION: Upside Down
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