Eastcliff Hall


On July 14, 1970, the Eastcliffe, with a cargo of “pig iron”, struck a shoal at 4 a.m. and sank within minutes with the loss of 9 lives, however there were12 survivors. The forward superstructure (upstream) has been dynamited back into the forward hold to clear the site as a navigational hazard. The bow faces the current. The two propellers were removed soon after the wreckage. Precaution should to be taken because there are many intertwined pieces of metal lying at the bottom near the stern. It is possible for experienced and well-equipped divers to penetrate at the bow and at the stern.
Though the surface currents are quick, it becomes less on the wrecks deck and the open holds provide shielding from the currents.

LOCATION: Chrysler Park
DESCRIPTION: Frieghter – Steel
DIMENSIONS: 343 x 43 x 22
MIN. / MAX. DEPTH: 30-60 feet
BUILT/LAUNCHED: Montreal, 1954
LEVEL: Intermediate / Advanced
WRECKED: July 14, 1970
HAZARDS: Surface Current
CAUSE: Hit a shoal
RECOMMENDATIONS: Sand Bottom Dive Light/lamp
CARGO: Iron Ingots ‘pig iron’
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