Henry C. Daryaw


This 219 ft. x 35 ft. x 13 ft. steel freighter built in France in 1919 suffered an unforgiving gash on her starboard side running over a shoal. The bow area has a number of items of interest to divers and many enjoy a visit up to the keel of the Daryaw and do a “keel walk”. This area lets you view the gash in her bottom that sent her to her fate.

Upon arrival, immediately notice the size of the two propellers. The Dariaw is upside down; therefore, most of the dive is done under the wreck, going through the three holds. It is always possible to come out of the wreck from the right or the left where the exits are always visible.

The hold near the bow is about sixty feet deep. A rope starts near the propellers and is attached at the third of the boat. Once in front of the wreck, it is possible to come back on top of the wreck and to go down with the current to the rope. In the front, there is a very small entrance to go in, if the diver has the equipment, the training, and the necessary experience. Another hole leads to the engine room and the flight deck.

LOCATION: Brockville
DESCRIPTION: Freighter – Steel
DIMENSIONS: 219 x 35 x 13 ft.
MIN. / MAX. DEPTH: 55-95 feet
LEVEL: Advanced
WRECKED: November 21, 1941
HAZARDS: Current Surface/Decent
CAUSE: Hit a Shoal
RECOMMENDATIONS: Planning for Depth Dive Light/Lamp
POSITION: Upside Down
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Water Temperature – St. Lawrence River