Quebec Diving Permits

In 2004, the province of Quebec introduced legislation to help improve diver safety. As a result of the legislation, permits are now required in addition to your certification card to dive in Quebec (including pools). The legislation is overseen by the FQAS (Federation Quebecois des Activites Subaquatiques).

There are 4 levels of diver certification and 3 levels of instructor certification. Diver certifications are valid for 3 years. Instructor certifications are valid for 1 year and includes both your permit to teach and permit to dive. The level is determined by the certification level you hold through your training agency.

Diver permits:

  • Class A diver – Open Water Diver
  • Class B diver – Advanced Open Water Diver & Rescue Diver
  • Class C diver – Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster (non teaching)
  • Class D diver – Divemaster or Assistant Instructor
  • The cost of the Class A, B, or C diver in conjunction with an Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, or Rescue Diver course is $55 plus tax.

    For certified divers that did not do FQAS in conjunction with Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, or Rescue Diver, the cost for an FQAS course to obtain a certification is $149.99 plus tax.

Instructor permits:

  • Class A – All instructors up to IDC Staff Instructor
  • Class B – IDC Staff Instructor or Master Instructor
  • Class C – Course Director or Instructor Trainer

At Kanata Diving Supply, all of our instructors are, at a minimum, FQAS Class A instructors. The FQAS certification can optionally be integrated into our courses.

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